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It has structure to stabilize, finalize the design mound thick, ability of punching hole strongly etc, at the same time, still possess the characteristics, such as page header distance adjust and 1-21 hole free choices, etc. Durable in us, suitable for specialty binding and the large-and-middle = scale enterprise, institution use.

General Specification

Binding From : Plastic Comb

The max. thickness of binding : 30 mm ring plastic comb

The max. thickness of punching : 20 pages (80g)

Max. binding width : Below 300mm

Hole distance : 14.3mm 21 holes

Adjustable margin : 2.5 6.5 mm

Design of section : 3.0 x 8.0 mm

Quantity of movable cutter : 21 pieces

Punching from : Manual

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